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8 Upskilling Programs For Job Seekers In Malaysia

In May 2020, Malaysia hit a 27-year high when unemployment rose to 5.3%[1]. It is estimated that 1.5 – 2.4 million (5 – 8%) more Malaysians will fall into poverty as a result of the pandemic[2]. This is in addition to the 400,000 households that are already poor.

Whilst handouts are important to ensure mouths are fed, it is not a long term and sustainable measure. Those who have lost their jobs cannot sit around idle hoping that things will go back to normal because the new normal not require us to be agile, adaptable and resilient. Change has to start with the individual and the future is less bleak when opportunities to advance and enhance is available.

Upskilling programmes provide the opportunity for continuous learning by providing training programs and development opportunities that expand an employee’s abilities and minimize skill gaps. Upskilling and reskilling provides skills certification upon completion of the respective programme and often come with job offers by the stakeholders involved[3].

Here are 8 upskilling programs for job seekers in Malaysia:

#1: SOLS 24/7

Their mission is to serve, educate & empower the bottom 40% of the population with FREE education, personal development & employment support. Their courses ranges from soft skills, technical vocational skills as well as skill sets in the solar industry.

All courses are FREE and serves the B40 in Malaysia.

Enrol now with SOLS24/7

#2: MyDigitalWorkforce Work in Tech (MYWiT) by MDEC

It is an initiative to incentivize employers to hire Malaysians via digital upskilling and reskilling programmes. Through the Digital Business Services (DBS) program, its objective is to increase digital literacy and skills amongst Malaysians in an attempt to curb the rising unemployment level.

Source: MDEC MyWIT

Key criteria: Unemployed for a minimum of 2 months or retrenched or fresh graduate

Types of job: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Content Moderation and Customer Experience

Minimum salary: RM2,000 with a minimum of 12-months contractual employment

Example of companies: Consurv Technic (M) Sdn Bhd, Formis Development & Research Sdn Bhd, Mereka Innovative Education Sdn Bhd, Myeg Sdn Bhd, Shopee Mobile Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Thomson Hospitals Sdn Bhd

Get started: Find out more about MYWiT and apply for jobs.

#3: MYStep by General Assembly Malaysia

Selected participants will undergo a digital skills programme with the selected digital discipline and will then be transited to employment. There will be continued support throughout including soft skills building such as interview techniques and business communications. This program is supported by Khazanah Nasional.

Source: General Assembly Malaysia
Source: General Assembly Malaysia

Key criteria: Malaysian age 20-30 years old, minimum CGPA 2.8 and unemployed for more than 2 months

Minimum salary: allowance of RM2,000 per month during the program for a period of 4 months maximum

Get started: More details and application process for MYStep

#4: Redbeat Academy by Air Asia

According to their press release, Redbeat Academy fills in the vacuum that has existed in the past decades by up-skilling and re-skilling the workforce with what’s relevant in the industry today, making our students highly employable, at the same time equipping them with skill-sets required for the modern era. Their courses are in partnership with Google Cloud.

Redbeat Academy currently have a 30% discount for all courses available at Redbeat Academy until 30 June 2021. Promo code: “RBABEST30”

Redbeat Academy
Source: Redbeat Academy

Get started: Find digital courses on Redbeat Academy

#5: Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Reskilling Program

According to TNB reskilling website, the program is to provide employment for Malaysians especially for Graduates, School Leavers and Retrenched Workers by participating in value-added relevant training courses required by the selected industries. Upon completion of the training, the applicants will be able to secure job placement in any industry requiring manpower to perform a specific job. The program ends on March 2024.

Key criteria: SPM Leavers

Minimum salary: not specified but it is compulsory for employers to hire candidates for a period of 6 months minimum

Get started: More details and application process for TNB Reskilling Program

#6: Microsoft Global Skills Initiative

This initiative is to address the increasing need for digital skills at the workplace. A collaboration between Microsoft, JA Malaysia & PERKESO, this initiative targets to provide awareness to 25,000 individuals the importance of digital skills followed by a pathway to employment for the 400 selected individuals.

This program will provide digital skills training for the most high-demand jobs in Data Analysis, Data Science, Development Operations, Software Development, and IT Support. Upon completion, participants will receive digital credentials and a chance to join soft skills training and job placement in the related fields. 

Get started: More information on Microsoft Global Skills Initiative and register here.

#7: e-Latih by HRDCorp

The portal provides access to 300 or more courses that meets the demands of various industries. It is free for all Malaysians.

Source: HRD Corp

Get started: Register now at e-Latih

#8: Institut Keusahawanan Negara (INSKEN)

INSKEN, a government agency, provides free and cheap (as low as RM20) short courses for programs relevant to today’s needs. This includes services such as child care, tourism, F&B and car mechanic.

Source: INSKEN
Source: INSKEN

Get started: Find relevant courses on INSKEN

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