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University Student’s Kind Act: Ferrying Elderlies To Vaccination Centre In Johor

Not all senior citizens are fortunate to have the means to organise transportation to vaccination centres. Mr and Mrs Ong, 82 and 78 years old respectively were fortunate enough to have been in contact with university student, Teo Wen Hui.

The team from YB Andrew’s office at a morning market helping elderly residents register their MySejahtera and check vaccination appointment status. (Source: YB Andrew Chen’s office)

Speaking to Wiki Impact, Teo, a 20-year-old intern with YB Andrew Chen Kah Eng (Stulang assemblyman) – have been helping to ferry senior citizens including Mr and Mrs Ong to vaccination centres.

Most elderly citizens in Johor Bahru are living alone because their children are living or studying abroad especially in Singapore. They are unable to return to help because the borders are closed. It’s sad to see these citizens living alone and there’s no one that they can turn to when they need help. – Teo Wen Hui

YB Andrew Chen, Stulang, Johor
L-R: YB Andrew Chen, Mr and Mrs Ong, Teo (Source: YB Andrew Chen office)

Out Of Own Pocket Expenses

Although the vaccination centres are located nearby, Teo still had to use a portion of her own allowance given to her as an intern to purchase some supplies and pay for petrol. She didn’t think much of it as it is a small sacrifice compared to all the other heroic efforts front liners are doing to save lives.

Together with the team, we help them to get registered when they come to our office. Many of them do not know how to register for the vaccination as they do not even know how to use their phone. When Mrs Ong received her vaccination approval, she was nervous because she wished someone would accompany her to the centre. – Teo Wen Hui

Source: YB Andrew Chen’s office

This final year student of International Relations based in Shanghai, China (but currently studying online from Johor) says the challenge they face right now is the lack of manpower and help.

We have a list of senior citizens who needs help and we only have a small team of 5-6 staff to do this. We do not have time to send them one by one to the vaccination centres. – Teo Wen Hui

Calling good hearted Malaysians to help!

If you are currently living in Johor Bharu and would like to volunteer:

  1. Contact (Whatsapp) Teo Wen Hui to volunteer your time
  2. Read more details on YB Andrew’s office
  3. Allocate 3 hours of your time that day to ferry the elderlies

Everyone can help somebody in these trying times. Contact the Assemblymen of your area and find out ways you can support the vulnerable in these trying times. – Teo Wen Hui

Here’s how Malaysians can support the vulnerable during this vaccination drive:

  1. Visit your Assemblymen Facebook or Instagram page to find out if they are looking for any support (see the full list here)
  2. Provide care support to children of parents who need to go to vaccine centres for their appointment.
  3. Contribute your time or money where possible to help.
  4. Look out for your neighbour, especially those who are elderly. They may need your help but not want to ask. Offer your help instead.


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