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Transparency Score

Of Malaysia's Foundations

(2023 Edition)

How transparent are foundations in Malaysia?

Our research focuses on foundations registered in Malaysia with a rating system that is based on the transparency, frequency and credibility of their communications to the public. We reviewed publicly-available data, information and reports, to grade the foundations based on Wiki Impact’s communication transparency rating system.

It is important to note that, based on current laws, foundations are not required to publicly disclose their annual, financial and impact reports. They are also not required to publicly disclose their board of directors, financial statements or amount dispersed. Some foundations prefer to be private in their giving.

2023 Report

Published in 2024

2022 Report

Published in 2023

Why this transparency report

matters to you

Charity giving is all about trust.

The purpose of this report is to help

promote transparency and credibility

increase integrity in the impact industry

avoid corruption or fraud

When you are informed accurately, generosity grows.

Transparency in charity foundation activities is crucial in building trust and credibility with stakeholders which ultimately increases generosity and support for the foundation’s activities. This helps prevent the misuse of funds, promotes ethical practices, and ensures that non-profits are fulfilling their social responsibility.

We help Malaysian donors make informed decisions.

Our rating chart provides clarity for donors to be more informed about foundations that they are supporting.

An independent report helps remove layers of impartiality.

Our report is not funded by any foundations or non-profits. A team of independent volunteer fact-checkers reviewed the work prior to publication. All data was sourced from publicly available sources.

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2023 Report

Published in 2024

2022 Report

Published in 2023

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