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8 Sponsor-A-Child Programmes That You Can Partner With This World Children’s Day 2022

Global child poverty is expected to be roughly 10% higher than it was before the pandemic[1]. When a child has limited or no access to proper resources for a good quality of life, it means that poverty has defined their circumstances.

However, things can change for the better through child sponsorships. The impact of these sponsorships is often overlooked when in reality, they transform the lives of children all over the globe.

It is thanks to these sponsorships that children from poor communities have access to education and healthcare. More than this, these sponsorships ensure that a child is able to forge a path that would eventually lift them out of poverty.

Listed below are Malaysian organisations that are helping to change the lives of underprivileged children. As Children’s Day falls on 20 November, we hope that this article will give you a fresh perspective on the differences that child sponsorships can make. More than that, if you are moved to become a sponsor, do reach out to the organisations listed below!

#1: World Vision

Source: World Vision

World Vision is a Christian-based organisation that reaches a hand out to communities drowning in poverty regardless of their beliefs. The organisation functions with some key missions which include transformational development, emergency relief, and public awareness. In 2020, World Vision assisted 78.2 million disaster survivors, refugees, and internally displaced people[2].

Through their child sponsorship program, they have helped over 3.4 million kids. If you want to be a part of helping millions of kids alongside World Vision, you can make monthly donations. The preferred amounts are RM65 per for Asian countries or RM80 for non-Asian countries, per month[2].

In 2021, 85.9% of donations collected were used for programmes that benefit children, families and communities in need[2].

Combined with other donations, the financial support goes to child protection, livelihood, health and nutrition, education, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH). Once a contribution is made, a sponsor receives his or her first letter from their sponsored child. Additionally, sponsors also receive community updates and they can be part of the child’s key milestones[2].

Join World Vision in helping a child experience a world of firsts – the first sip of clean water or the first day at school. This link directs you to their website for more information, or you can call World Vision at (603) 7800 0899 to find out more!

#2: BRDB Rotary Children’s Residence

Source: BRCR

The BRDB Rotary Children’s Residence (BRBC) houses 150 underprivileged children who are at risk. Launched in 2016, the children’s home was established to equip children by providing them with education, life skills, and wholesome learning. The skills and lessons include music classes, baking, carpentry, sewing and school tuition, among others[3].

In 2020, BRBC launched their Sponsor A Child (SAC) programme. For every child at BRBC, expenses of RM9,600.00 per year are needed. The home provides support for children as young as 3-years-old until they get a university placement[4].

Contributors have the option of choosing between a monthly sponsorship of RM800.00 for 12 months or an annual sponsorship of RM9,600.00[4].

The organisation also launched a Sponsor A Bed (SAB) programme, with the aim to provide shelter for more children at risk. Similar to the SAC programme, sponsors can choose to give a monthly RM100.00 for 11 months or a one-off payment of RM1,100.00 for one child. They have managed to raise 8% or RM8,800 so far and are in need of more donations[5]. Click on the links to see how you can give!

#3: Agape Care

Source: Agape Care

Founded in 2007, Agape Care operated with the core mission to serve single parents from poor families. Today, their aid has extended to the elderly and unwed mothers[6].

With families being the heart of their cause, this non-profit has established the Care For A Child (C4C) Sponsorship Programme. Through this programme, sponsors will be donating RM150 per month for a minimum of one year[7].

The contributions by sponsors bridge the gap in education by ensuring a child receives additional tutoring. Aside from this, the sponsored child would receive better healthcare and improved quality of life[7].

The donations made will only be used for the child’s gain and the sponsor has the option of building a relationship with their sponsored child based on Agape’s terms. Clicking on this link takes you to an online form with contribution details.

#4: Hope Mission Welfare Society

Source: Hope Mission Welfare Society

Hope Mission Welfare Society is a non-profit organisation that opened its doors to underprivileged children in 2008. With their vision of ‘restoring shattered lives’, they aim to empower and provide children with opportunities to enrich their lives[8].

Hope shelters about 35 children who were previously abandoned from their homes or those who came from broken families. To date, they have impacted the lives of over 450 children and have renewed their hopes of having better lives.

Some of the children that Hope has helped are nurses and accountants today, while others are excelling in their studies.

To ensure more children get to experience these opportunities, the organisation has launched an i-Care Sponsorship programme to transform the lives of the children in their homes[9].

There are three types of sponsorships to choose from – Program 1 is a donation of RM50 a month for a period of 12 months, Program 2 is a donation of RM300 for a period of 6 months, and Program 3 is a full sponsorship of 12 months for RM600[9].

The donations go toward a list of things essential for a child’s growth such as school fees, tuition fees, school uniforms and shoes, transportation expenses, workbooks with other school materials, medical and dental expenses, lodging, meals, pocket money and other basic needs[9].

#5: Caring For the Future Malaysia

Source: CFFM

Caring For the Future Malaysia (CFFM) operates a children’s home, welcoming children from all walks of life between the ages of 6 to 18 years[10].

The home incorporates three programmes as a part of its sustainability efforts and to fundraise.

The programmes are inclusive of a work camp – a fundraising program for youth development, a study tour – to study the social difficulties in order to discover long-term and sustainable solutions, and a family camp – to create a positive family atmosphere in which everyone feels welcomed and loved involving handicapped individuals.

To foster growth among the home’s children, CFFM has a Child Support Programme, an umbrella for two additional programmes – Support A Child and Transition Programme[11].

Support A Child is for children ages 8-17 who currently reside at CFFM. The Transition Programme however is for children who have completed their secondary education. The sponsorships would go towards their tertiary education[11]. Sponsors can choose the amount they wish to donate monthly or a one-off giving.

#6: SHELTER Home for Children


For 41 years, SHELTER has been helping abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children. Throughout the years, they have impacted countless children[12].

For 15 years, the home has also established 10 kindergartens in squatter settlements and charged each student a fee of RM5. Although these schools are no longer running, SHELTER made education affordable and a possibility for children living in poverty[12].

Aside from education, SHELTER has also carried out youth community work among youth prisoners. This was done to educate and train the prisoners, equipping them for when they step out into society again[12].

SHELTER also believes that child sponsorship goes a long way. Sponsors can choose from a Full Sponsorship for RM720 a month for a period of 12 months or a Partial Sponsorship with a minimum of RM60 a month for a period of 12 months[13].

If you’re interested in sponsoring a child, this form takes you directly to a donor’s form.

#7: Dignity For Children

Source: Dignity For Children

Dignity For Children is a community learning centre aiding the underprivileged urban poor. Their programs cater to different levels of education[14].

Additionally, they have also set up Transformational Enterprises that enable youth to develop life skills, employability skills and character[14].

The organisation currently has five Transformational Enterprises: “eat X dignity”, “cut X dignity”, “sew X dignity”, “art X dignity” and “wellness X dignity”[14].

Through their efforts, they have positively impacted more than 12,000 children over 24 years[14].

To continue the good work, Dignity launched the Empower-A-Child (EAC) Programme. Sponsors can opt either for a Full Sponsorship of RM500 a month or a 1-year pledge of RM6,000. Sponsors under this package will receive a brief profile of the child, two academic progress reports each year, visitation and activities with their sponsored child[15].

There’s a second option of a Partial sponsorship for a minimum of RM50 per month. The donations of sponsors under this package will be accumulated with other sponsors[15].

#8: ElShaddai Centre

Source: ElShaddai Centre

Since 2008, ElShaddai Centre has been helping marginalized communities through compassion services and social work. Aside from these, the organisation also focuses on skill training, education and healthcare[16].

They reach out to various communities living in poverty such as refugees, asylum-seekers, stateless people and other irregular migrant communities in Malaysia[16].

Elshaddai also has a social enterprise arm called Life2Life which launched in 2018. The social enterprise provides cleaning services, as well as aircon repair and servicing, and tailoring services. The social enterprise has impacted over 150 people through its initiatives[17].

Additionally, they also have a Student Sponsorship programme, where a donation of RM300 will cover nutritious meals for the students, transportation, teachers’ salaries for school and teaching materials, and building expenses.

Sponsors can also choose from three different pledges: RM50 monthly would cover exercise and school textbooks a student needs for the year, RM100 monthly provides basic food aid to a family in need, and RM600 monthly provides basic food aid, shelter or school fees for a family of four. Click this link to donate!

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