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Seven Volunteer Experiences In Johor Worth Checking Out

Like many Malaysian cities, the state of Johor is worthy of many site visits and food adventures. Johor is home to divine street food, rich historical sights and the ever famous Legoland.

Exploring new cities often leads us to the usual touristy activities. They are no doubt fun and promising in many ways. But what about trying your hand at something new? Experiences can be made more meaningful through volunteering services. Giving your time, skills and expertise to organisations that require the extra manpower goes a long way.

The next time you visit Johor, make sure volunteering is at the top of your list! 

Here are seven volunteer opportunities you should consider on your next trip : 

1. Cahaya Surya Bakti (CSB)

Source : Cahaya Surya Bakti

CSB is a charitable NGO set up to empower refugee children through education and soft skills training. Since 2013, they have established 5 schools throughout different areas of Johor. At present, CSB is responsible for the education of over 500 students in the state [1].

In November 2021, CSB launched an Adopt A Child programme to sponsor a child’s education fees. As they rely on the public for support, volunteer teachers are greatly welcomed. Currently, they’re on the lookout for teachers for a range of subjects which include English, Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu and more. CSB is open to donations and proceeds will help cover the cost of educational materials, transportation and meals for the children [1]. 

Those interested can apply directly through CSB’s website or call 07-512 1040. 

2. Johor Outreach and Community Centre (JOCC)

Source: JOCC

Founded in 2019 and began operations in August 2020, JOCC was established by Cahaya Surya Bakti (CSB). With the similar goal of aiding refugees, JOCC provides a list of different services driven by dedicated professionals. These include case management, counselling, profile update and technical assistance[2].

They choose to be recognised as a safe space where refugees can gather to build a community. Previous volunteer efforts involved in food distribution during Ramadhan and coordinating events. When you volunteer at JOCC, you play a pivotal role in supporting refugees in Johor. If interested, get in touch with their direct hotline at +6075629800 or visit their website for more information on how to reach them[2].

3. Trash Hero Johor Bahru

Source: Trash Hero Johor Bahru

Trash Hero is a global movement that encourages the public towards a cleaner and greener environment. In 2019, Trash Hero Johor Bahru was founded and all volunteers have to do is simply show up[3].

The volunteer service doesn’t require a sign-up prior and frequent updates can be found on their Facebook page. Volunteers meet Fridays at 8 am every week. Nearing 100 organised cleanups, they’re on the way to a more sustainable Johor Bahru[3]

Those interested can call 011 2613 6801 or visit their Facebook page for more updates.

4. Southern Volunteers

Source: Southern Volunteers

Johor’s Southern Volunteers have made a substantial impact through their efforts. Launched in 2020, the NGO is no stranger in reaching out to those in need [4]. For instance, these Southern Volunteers were deployed by the Johor government to assist in Malaysia’s recent flood disasters.  

I have also ordered the Southern Volunteers to be ready to be deployed in flood-affected areas to help with cleaning efforts and the distribution of essential needs. – Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim [5]

The youth-empowered NGO also religiously post updates on their Facebook and Telegram pages. The information is adequate for interested volunteers or reach out via email to see how you can help.

5. Care United

Source: Care United

For over 16 years, Care United has been contributing to underprivileged communities. Among them are underprivileged children, the urban poor, senior citizens- just to name a few. Their collaborations with several NGOs have fed many families and have given children opportunities in receiving education [6]. In August 2021, the organisation received funds of RM 100 thousand which allowed them to expand food aid distributions during the pandemic [7].

Often functioning at a high pace, Care United calls on the public to give generously in terms of cash donations or through volunteering. For more information on how you can assist them, call +607 357 6899 or get in touch via Facebook.

6. Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK)

Source: Kechara Soup Kitchen

Since 2008, Kechara Soup Kitchen has grown tremendously. They are led by a team that is driven to help and serve the homeless. To date, KSK has served over 4 million meals and has assisted over 15,000 people. Other than providing food aid, KSK also offers support in terms of basic medical care and welfare aid.

When it comes to volunteer roles, KSK is always in need of some. There are also detailed volunteer roles which include medical practitioner, professional social worker, interviewer and administrative assistant. However, you should be wary and adhere to guidelines set by the organisation [8].

Those interested can Whatsapp KSK @  +0103333260 or visit their official website for detailed volunteer schedules.

7. Volunteer In Me (VOLUME)

Source: VOLUME

VOLUME was initiated by two medical students who continuously seek to amp up volunteering culture in Malaysia. Besides hosting events, they also provide information on available volunteer opportunities in Johor [9]. To get a better glimpse,  pay a visit to their Facebook page or visit their website to understand how you can help the Volume community.

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