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End Poverty In All Its Form

We are committed to the goal of ending poverty in Malaysia by providing credible and evidence-based data for changemakers.

How Poor Is Your Neighbour?

Poverty has a face. It has a human face. Do we realise that we are living amongst the disadvantaged and poor? They are there – not just in rural areas, but right in the city too. If you are an organisation whose passion and vision is to alleviate poverty or a knowledge expert in the area of poverty in Malaysia – we ask you to join us by telling us what you know.


We are mapping the poor and changemakers who are involved in reaching them. This should facilitate greater networking, collaboration and better informed decisions.


We are creating and curating bite-size stories with real data, real issues of real people. The stories help raise awareness, inspire change and give voice to the underserved.

Wiki Page

This is an overview of poverty with big questions posed to knowledge experts and poverty changemakers to answer. We need to close the ignorance gap.


We are communicating complex social issues with Millennials and Gen Zs in a relevant and interactive way because there is significant need to push this conversations forward.

Where Are The Poor?

The following maps shows where the poor are in different parts of Malaysia – based on household income and salaries earned.

Distance To School Map

This map provides you the opportunity to see the area of needs for education in Malaysia. This map shows you distance from home to school based on districts. Darker regions indicate a higher percentage of homes that are further than 9KM from the nearest school.

Changemakers Map

On this map you will see pins of changemakers in Malaysia who are helping to alleviate poverty in creative and practical ways. Who are changemakers? They are those who employ innovative solutions to solve social problems – organisations, government bodies, associations, groups, social enterprises and NGOs.

Poverty Map: The data will give you a big picture view of how we are fairing as a nation and where are the poorer regions.

Changemakers Map: Tells you know about the projects and efforts happening around the nation to help alleviate poverty.

If you want to make a difference, we hope that this map will help you make informed decisions on who to contact and where to channel your resources and efforts. Poverty is a complex issue that requires partnership at all levels.

Find a state or region that you’re interested to know more about, enlarge the map so that pins are more visible, and then hover over the pin to give you the information about the organisation or projects that are happening in that area to help alleviate poverty. Projects range from food banks to education hostels to medical help for the poor.

If you are a changemaker – an NGO, association, social enterprise, business or group that is doing something to alleviate poverty in Malaysia, we would love to have you on the map. Just let us know!

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Impact Sabah

Envisioning equality and social justice for all in Sabah. A culturally diverse and resource-rich state with over 3.9 million in population is brimming with potential. The magnificent and expansive landscapes of Sabah is home to 42 ethnic groups and a large majority of Sabahans are indigenous to the land. Every voice needs to be heard, no one left behind and basic human rights must be granted to all who call Sabah their home.

Impact Klang Valley

Malaysia experienced extraordinary economic growth in recent decades and it led to the burgeoning of the middle class. Klang Valley (KV) as a destination has reaped the benefits of this rapid development, bringing prosperity and higher standards of living to the majority of the people. However, there remains economic and social gaps that need to be addressed. The homeless, urban poor, refugees and marginalised are part of the fabric of KV. Equity, equality and empathy must be extended to all.

Impact Penang

Impact Penang

Penang is synonymous with its food galore and sandy beaches. Located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, it is the second-largest city in Malaysia by population (1.77 million in 2021). It stands as an economic powerhouse in Malaysia, teemed with many tourist attractions and dubbed the “Silicon Valley of The East.” Yet, some fall through the cracks in this fast-paced city. And to ensure the “Pearl Of The Orient” remain glistening, the plights of each and everyone should be heard.

Spotlight On Districts

Spotlight is a series that aims to highlight the needs and gaps in the poorest districts of every state in Malaysia. If you’re a changemaker (NGO, association, government led initiative, etc) that is involved in alleviating poverty, this data will help you to make impactful and informed decisions on where to channel and focus your resources and efforts. The data will also inform policy makers and communicators better understand the state of poverty in these districts, thus giving a voice to the voiceless.

Rompin, Pahang

Poorest district in Pahang

PITAS, Sabah

Poorest district in Sabah


Smallest state in Malaysia

Tongod, Sabah

Poorest district in Sabah

Pakan, Sarawak

Poorest district in Sarawak

Lojing, Kelantan

Poorest district in Kelantan

Besut, Terengganu

Poorest district in Terengganu

Julau, Sarawak

(coming soon)

Get Involved With Wiki Impact

We are looking for passionate and willing individuals who would like to contribute to Wiki Impact’s platform. Are you a changemaker with insights to share? Or an academic with research data and information to tell? We want to hear from you. We are starting with POVERTY as our first issue, but we invite others who are passionate about other social issues to contribute too. Wiki Impact is a collaborative platform to make social issues known.


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