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The Dark Side Of Urban Poverty

Watching movies such as ‘KL Gangster’ and ‘Abang Long Fadil’ growing up allowed many of us to take a look at the luxuries that come hand in hand with unethical practises in the city. Sex, drugs, alcohol are common gangster activities that we all know are bad, yet these drastic lifestyle measures can quickly become the golden ticket to an easy life, for those suffering in urban poverty.

Job Challenges Rural Folks Face When They Move To Big Cities

We have all heard of the narrative of a small town girl moving to the big city, in order to make her dreams come true. Just like anywhere else in the world, Malaysian cities are laced with new prospects and deemed as the land of opportunity, by those that have only been exposed to paddy fields, rubber tree plantations and quiet villages. Life in the big city is exciting, but it can also swallow you whole.

urban poor in Kuala Lumpur

Habitats Of The Urban Poor In Malaysia: Part II (The Real Living Conditions)

The first thing that comes to mind, is that most urban poor live in unsanitary places. While this is not untrue, it is important to note that this includes those living on the streets, in the slums, and public housing projects hosted by the government and private organisations. These conditions are not specific to just the homeless, but for any household living in poverty (B40 group).

PPR in Kuala Lumpur

Habitats Of The Urban Poor In Malaysia: Part I (The Real Living Conditions)

As cities grow and improve, job opportunities increase, enticing people to flock to the city as they chase for a brighter future. But as urbanisation becomes more rampant, its problems also plague society. Those living in urban poverty are left at a financial standstill with no feasible escape.

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