Category: Stateless/Undocumented

Ever Wondered Where Stateless Communities Live?

Stateless communities are living around us. They are our neighbours and if we look hard enough, we would see them. Though having lived in Malaysia for many generations, the stateless (undocumented) are not recognised and therefore do not have citizenship or identification that gives them rights as a citizen.

Can Stateless Communities Find Work In Malaysia?

According to Article 17 of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, a stateless person has the right to engage in wage-earning employment. Additionally, Article 18

Malaysia’s Invisible Poor: The Stateless Community

A stateless person has no legal bond between any government or country. Without legal documentation, no government is obliged to provide basic citizen rights such as access to education, healthcare, employment, housing options and protection.

Six Students Stepped Out To Invest In Little Lives

Education and poverty are intertwined. Children from low income children are predisposed to various challenges at school and at home, limiting their chances for success in education. The problem becomes more complex when children are born into families without citizenship or national belonging.

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