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Category: Domestic Abuse

Debunking Four Myths Of Domestic Violence Among The Poor

Domestic violence is a global issue that stretches far beyond classification by socio-economic, cultural, racial and class distinctions. Usually, no one group specifically resonates with this behaviour, yet cases are often linked to those inhabiting urban poor domains. There are many myths circulating about the relationship between domestic violence and urban poverty. Here we challenge some of the most widely believed and deep rooted misconceptions.

The Dark Side Of Urban Poverty

Watching movies such as ‘KL Gangster’ and ‘Abang Long Fadil’ growing up allowed many of us to take a look at the luxuries that come hand in hand with unethical practises in the city. Sex, drugs, alcohol are common gangster activities that we all know are bad, yet these drastic lifestyle measures can quickly become the golden ticket to an easy life, for those suffering in urban poverty.

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