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Child Marriage: The Promise Of A ‘Better Life’

Child marriage is considered a way of giving children a chance at a better life whilst also reducing one more mouth to feed. Low-income families face the real burden of putting food on the table. As a result of that, studies have shown a higher prevalence of child marriages among low-income communities.

child marriage

Child Marriage – A Practice Driven By Poverty

For a majority of girls around the world, their 18th birthday is a significant milestone of stepping into adulthood and a chapter closer to independent living. Sadly, this isn’t the case for a whopping 650 million girls worldwide who end up being married even before they turn 18 years old.

Poverty Is One Of The Main Drivers Of Child Marriage

Globally, as it stands, a whopping 650 million girls have gotten married before the age of 18 years old. According to Unicef, this number increases by 12 million every year. Nearly 30% of global child marriages happen in the South Asian region.

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