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NasiLemakonomics – Here Are Unique Price Insights Of Malaysia’s Favourite Food

price of nasi lemak

This ‘Nasi Lemak Index’ is a light hearted comparison of price and the purchasing power of goods and the standard of living among different states of Malaysia.

It is by no means representing the actual state of affairs in the nation.

We encourage you to tell us the real nasi lemak state of affairs in your state.

How is the Nasi Lemak index defined?

Nasi Lemak is every Malaysian’s favourite food. Although there are slight variations in recipes, Nasi Lemak is most generally defined as having:

  • 1 portion of coconut rice
  • Cucumbers
  • Ikan bilis (anchovies)
  • Roasted peanuts
  • Sambal (spicy shrimp paste)

The price of nasi lemak in this article is derived from the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in October 2020. The CPI is released monthly by the Department of Statistics Malaysia.

How does the Nasi Lemak index help?

When there is a difference between the state value and the national value, this reflects prices of basic kitchen items being under or overvalued. To put it simply, the index provides a good estimate of the different price ranges across the country, showing the people that the price for basic products in certain states may cost more or less than they should. 

Where does your state stand? And what are your thoughts?

The use or reliance of any information contained in this report is solely at your own risk.

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