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Menu Rahmah: List Of Participating F&B Operators Nationwide

Menu Rahmah is an initiative by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN). It aims to provide sufficient meals for Malaysians in the midst of increasing living costs by serving lunch or dinner sets at a recommended price of RM 5. The initiative is primarily aimed at the B40 income group and hardcore group, but KPDN has no directives restricting Menu Rahmah meals from being purchased by other income groups.

Menu Rahmah usually includes rice, a choice of protein (chicken or fish, for now) and a portion of vegetables or other dishes as determined by the F&B operator. A bottle of mineral water is usually served with the meal. To date, more than 12,000 Mamak restaurants, 800 Indian restaurants, 500 tomyam stalls, nationwide Mydin outlets, Burger King in West Malaysia have pledged their participation. Participating outlets can be identified with a dedicated Menu Rahmah sticker. However, feel free to ask for any further clarifications from employees.

Here’s a list of participating F&B operators nationwide:

This list is non-exhaustive. Any errors are regrettable as this is a community-driven effort. The list will be updated frequently.

Do not see a restaurant in this list?

If your favourite restaurant is offering ‘Menu Rahmah’ and is not in the above list, fill in the form below.

Menu Rahmah Madani Directory

The Ministry has recently launched the Menu Rahmah Madani portal documenting participating restaurants and F&B vendors here. Participating F&B providers could also register their establishments on the portal.

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