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[MEDIA] An SOS For Digital Device

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Wiki Impact appeared in The Star newspaper (19 July 2021) commenting on the digital device distribution in Malaysia during the pandemic.

The Star - CERDIK
Source: The Star

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Wiki Impact co-founder Terence Ooi said online schooling has multiple impacts on students, especially those in the B40 category, as many of them have to share one device with their multiple school-going siblings.

Most of these devices, said Ooi, belong to students’ parents who may need it for their work.

“All these factors, stretched over a prolonged period, can add to the emotional stress faced by families trying to survive while helping their children keep up with school and deal with the mental stress caused by the pandemic.

“Therefore, the devices given to students must be durable and of quality.

“There is no point giving something that is cheap and fast but can’t be used for a long period of time.

“These devices will most likely be shared among siblings during the pandemic and beyond as hybrid learning is here to stay,” he said.

Read the whole article from The Star here or here.

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