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The Centre for Child Rights & Business (formerly the Center for Child Rights & Corporate Social Responsibility - CCR CSR) is a leading centre on child rights and business. We support businesses to deliver improvements within their supply chains that not only benefit workers, families and children, but also deliver positive business outcomes. We offer global expertise, services and support covering a broad range of child rights and well-being issues.

Our services cover responsible recruitment practices with a focus on child labour prevention and remediation, child rights risks assessments, support packages for young workers and other vulnerable groups, and a comprehensive set of services to create family-friendly workplaces in supply chains. Headquartered in Hong Kong, The Centre works in a growing number of countries including Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Turkey and Vietnam among others.

Advisory & assessment services:
1. Supply chain child rights risk & impact assessments
2. Research 3. Policy and tool review and/or development
4. Working Group Supply chain services: compliance & beyond

Supply chain services: compliance & beyond

1. Child labour prevention & remediation
2. Migrant parent support & creating family-friendly workplaces
3. Youth development

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