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We are a green energy company that customers love. We are a social enterprise which lives responsibility to the core. Responsibility for our customers, employees, communities and planet. We are technology- enthusiasts, sustainability-activists and energy-visionaries who are on the way to provide clean energy to every house. We are leaders in the residential solar market and enable SMEs to operate more efficiently.

What we do

We empower people and lighten up homes and small businesses through sustainable energy solutions, technology and education. We fight for energy-independence and control over electricity usage. As solar energy experts we design, install, provide finance options and help customers track their consumptions via our App.

Why we do it

We want to lead with responsibility. We want to democratise solar and turn every roof into a sustainable asset. We want to support and educate people in making responsible choices. We want to foster independence and give back control over energy necessities. We want to enable self-sufficiency and shift power to consumers.

Where we go

We want to live on a planet where clean and affordable energy is accessible to anyone, anywhere. We pioneer solar education and share our love for responsibility. We want to transform solar from a luxury to a necessity and serve all the present and future sustainable energy needs.

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