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MIL for ASEAN Network is a social network of MIL educators and advocates across the ASEAN region. MIL for ASEAN Network started in 2020 when a group of media and communication professionals and educators came together and discussed the role of education in creating a media and information literate society.

It aims to empower our citizens make informed decisions on the media they consume, develop the skills to communicate clearly, and understand the ethical impacts of media and new technologies as well as to foster digitally responsible citizens, and build resilient communities able to live and thrive in the digital world.

The Network designs and implements media and information literacy continuous professional development programs for teachers and teacher educators across the Southeast Asia region.

The MIL for ASEAN Network is currently one of the primary drivers of media and information literacy in the Southeast Asia.

(I) Design and Implement Capacity Building Programmes. We empower teachers and teacher educators to integrate MIL in classrooms.

(II) Organize and Conduct MIL Online and Offline Community Outreach: We create online and offline campaigns to educate teachers the importance of media and information literacy.

(III) Advocacy. We work with media, regulatory bodies, civil society organisations, governments, educational institutions to promote MIL in classroom broadly.

(IV) Research and Knowledge Management. We conduct MIL assessment and improvement of MIL teaching practices in classroom.

The work at MIL for ASEAN Network supports and advances the achievement of SDG4, SDG11 and SDG16 by:

• SDG4 (Affording youth and adults with critical MIL competencies that enable quality education)

• SDG11 (Promoting citizens’ own communications power that makes cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable)

• SDG16 (Enabling citizens to reflect on how information they interact with may influence their thoughts, beliefs and attitudes on others)


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