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Kitafund is a crowdfunding platform for medical and humanitarian needs and emergencies. is built and managed by Kita Global Group Sdn. Bhd. (1343946-D)

What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a fundraising effort that involves the public.

For example, if we were able to convince 10,000 people to donate RM10 each, we would raise RM100,000.

As a result, effective crowdfunding is often conducted online. In this way, information on campaigns and medical emergency needs can be broadcasted more easily and quickly.

This site is the result of a joint effort and collaboration between and a caring online community.

Kitafund is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to needs and emergencies

1.Medical needs
2.Humanitarian causes

This page has been set up to allow us to work together to help those in need, transparently and easily.

Through this crowdfunding page, we hope:

1.The less fortunate will have access to the medical care they need
2.We as a community can support various humanitarian efforts together
3.We can contribute money and energy to help others easily and transparently
4.This medium can reduce fraud cases as each campaign goes through a verification process

About Skolafund is a crowdfunding site that aims to help students, especially the less fortunate, raise funds for higher education and higher education-related opportunities. To date (April 2019), RM 1.6 million has been donated by the public to help almost 300 students through is our second effort to build a platform for caring community.

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