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FoReka aims to empower orphanages towards self-sustainability and success through entrepreneurship. Our initiative started based on two main observations and concerns:

1) Most orphanages were in dire situations when the covid19 pandemic hit because donations that they usually get to sustain their basic needs decreased by almost 80%. These pandemic induced poverty in orphanages highlighted the poor management pattern of orphanages across the nation; where they rely heavily on day-to-day donations to sustain instead of having a secure source of funds. When donations suddenly ceased, most homes aren't able to sustain for even a minimum of 1 year. 

2)According to the law, institutionalized children are to leave shelters after reaching 18 years of age. However, up to date there are no data or record on the whereabouts or well-being of these new adults who were forced to leave shelters without any aid. According to international statistics (no date in Malaysia yet),  more than 70% of orphans that leave the orphanage after 18 end up as criminals, prostitutes', homeless and many more lifestyles on the negative end of the spectrum. These are so as they lack confidence, qualifications, money and most importantly life skills.

With more than 50000 children currently in orphanages(registered and non-registered institutions), we do not want the number to translate into 50000 potential criminals, instead we want them to be future leaders and entrepreneurs of the nation and world.

FoReka serves as a platform that introduces the concept of entrepreneurship to orphanages so that they are able to self-sustain using internal talents and products instead of highly relying on donations. Through the same initiative, we also aim to introduce the orphans to entrepreneurship , life skills and development training, so that when they are forced to leave the orphanage after the age of 18, they will be able to proceed in a positive direction with more confidence.

As such, we give them product-manufacturing trainings and initial investment to involve in small business, with 60% of the profit going directly towards sustainability while the remaining funds are used to source professional life skills and development training or workshops for the children.


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