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Our Background
Dream Village Cricket Academy (DVCA) was founded in the year of 2018 with the vision to build sustainable communities by improving quality of life through sports development and social development and it is Malaysia’s first social enterprise-based cricket club that is delivering more than 50 underprivileged youths development pathway through cricket.

Our Mission

Sports to become an important tool to build social inclusion, social cohesion, and psychosocial wellbeing of youths by involving & partnering with organizations, services, and individuals to empower youths to use their skills to contribute to their community.

Our Aim
To use the power of sports to reduce the risks among children and youth in:

  • Child Labour
  • Crime/Delinquency
  • School Dropout/Illiteracy
  • Malnutrition
  • Substance Abuse

We use sports as a medium to provide:

  • Mentoring
  • Physical & Emotional Growth through Sports Skills
  • Free Education
  • Free Nutritious Breakfast & Nutrition Literacy


Our Current Projects

Uplift Community Development Project - a 5-year project that is data-driven to produce cricket players from diverse communities made up of urban poor children from Subang Jaya, Orang Asli community children from Pahang, Somali and Rohingya refugee children, with potential opportunities to train in the elite squad of Dream Village Cricket Club, but most importantly to strive towards the holistic education and psychosocial wellbeing of all participants. This project will be implemented through running scouting programs nationwide among the boys and girls from marginalised communities to recruit them into a team and providing them contracts and develop them as high-performance cricketers through training camps and build their potential by competing in national premier leagues and youth leagues internationally. And together with cricket skills, they are coached to build determination, decision making, and self-management as well as their education and psychosocial wellbeing. The main goal of this project is to become one of the best-performing cricket teams in Southeast Asia that is fully represented by youths from marginalized communities in Malaysia by the year 2027.

Uplift Breakfast Club - Monthly breakfast subscription to help them meet daily nutritional requirements with less than RM60 per month per child. The program does not stop at provision, awareness and education on breakfast together with monitoring and evaluation is included. Children & parents are educated on the importance of healthy breakfast, and provide feasible steps to prioritise healthy food in their monthly food expenses.

Upcoming Projects

●     Orang Asli Cricket Project - a 5-year grassroots cricket program that focuses on the holistic development of the Aboriginal communities in Malaysia. This project mainly aims to use cricket as the main attraction to increase school enrolment among the Aboriginal communities. As illiteracy and school dropout rate is increasing rapidly among the Aboriginal communities, we aim to run active literacy programs through cricket, where Maths and English are coached through cricket to develop enthusiasm towards studying. Weekly training programs accompanied by English tuitions and quarterly training camps will be organised. Coach development projects would be run to develop young coaches who can coach their community kids and as well as an upskilling for unemployed youths. The main goal of this project is to create a competitive pathway through cricket where education is prioritised equally to create scholarship opportunities for the Aboriginal community children to enrol into tertiary education.

●     Indian Community Cricket Development Project - Indian community only makes up 7% of the Malaysian population but 5% of the population lives below the poverty line and 70% of gang crimes are related to the Indian community. With the high crime rate among Indian youths and alcoholism becoming prevalent, we aim to create intervention through cricket, a sport that is popular among the Indian community. This 5-year project aims to work in partnership with Tamil vernacular schools in Malaysia to educate teachers to become cricket coaches to run improved cricket programs in their schools and as well as creating development pathways for the youths to develop aspirations to become national cricketers. DVCA would also assist teachers in running weekly cricket programs and build their potentials by competing in local junior leagues. Furthermore, DVCA would organise coach development programs among Indian youths to be appointed as assistant coaches. This project aims to increase the participation rate of Indian youths in the sport of cricket.


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