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100 Changemakers Creating Real Impact 
In Malaysia

About This List

In a world that idolizes celebrities and capitalists, Wiki Impact 100 offers a fresh take on changemakers in Malaysia doing solid impact work and changing society and the environment for the better. This is a celebration of humanity and hope for our country. We aim to be holistic and inclusive in our selection, and we know there are thousands of changemakers that deserve the spotlight.

We believe that everyone can be a changemaker, which is why Wiki Impact is dedicated to bringing together and shaping Malaysia’s impact industry. Please support us by following our newsletter, social media, and sharing content you feel deserves the attention of the masses!

Who Is A Changemaker?

Someone who steps up and out to solve a problem for the greater good of all. They use their ideas, talents, experience, networks, resources and platforms to affect positive change. They are constantly pushing the boundaries for better outcomes and innovating new ways to build a better future for all. 

Check out some of these changemakers in action. 

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