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How Much Angpau Did You Collect During CNY 2021?

angpau packet

This is a lighthearted study amongst a small sample size of Malaysians who were eligible to receive red packets during Chinese New Year. We were curious to find out how much angpau was collected by different demographics in Malaysia.

Were there differences of angpau collection amongst the B40 and other income groups?

Here are our findings from our survey:

Income GroupAverage (RM)Median (RM)
Angpau collection based on income groups
  1. The B40 receives average 23% less angpau compared to the M40 and 168% less compared to the T20 group.
  2. The lowest amount recorded of angpau collection is RM10 and below. This came from three respondents (all aged between 18-23) amongst the B40s in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Cheras.
  3. The lowest amount for a M40 is one person above 30 years old from Johor Bharu.
  4. 68.5% of the respondents who received RM100 and below are from the B40 group. 31.5% are from the M40 and none from T20.
  5. The lowest amount received by a T20 is RM150 from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The next lowest amount is RM500 from Petaling Jaya, Selangor (2 respondents).

Our survey generated 61 responses with the following demographics.

Methodology and assumptions

  • An online questionnaire was sent out from 22-23 February 2021 which would be the 10th and 11th day of Chinese New Year. The festival is usually celebrated for 15 days amongst the Chinese community.
  • The amount of angpau collected could be affected by restricted movements due to Covid-10.

Even though celebrations and angpau sizes can be vastly different, it all stems from the spirit of gratitude we should all have when we receive something – big or small. And more importantly, festivities should point towards the spirit of togetherness – which is to spend time with your loved ones 

See this bite-sized content about how different homes celebrate CNY across Malaysia.

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