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Good News: Woman Feeds The Needy With RM3.50 Meals and Six More Stories

There’s nothing quite like hearing or reading good news, reaffirming that not all hope is lost and acts of kindness will always conquer adversities. Here are seven stories that would surely inspire you to take the first step in spreading good and making someone’s day a little better. 

#1: Uncle Tony Making Sure No One Is Hungry On Chinese New Year

Two days before Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations, the lane at Pusat Pembelajaran Komuniti Chow Kit saw B40 and homeless communities lining up, waiting for their turn. Tony Lian, or Uncle Tony and a charity organisation he founded, Food4U, were behind the initiative that saw 650 food packs distributed to patient patrons [1].

Uncle Tony, a pensioner, has been distributing food five days a week in locations such as Brickfields and Pudu. Uncle Tony and his team are also behind the food preparation, ensuring each pack is generously provided with fried chicken, fish, vegetables, and sandwiches.

However, the food distribution days before CNY was just a tad bit more special.

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, we are distributing 100 grocery bags to poor families as well. -Tony Lian [1]

Being in retirement, Uncle Tony could easily live a life of leisure, but it was his compassion that fuelled him to continue to do good and spread cheer to the underserved communities.

What gives me the motivation [to keep going] is compassion. What happens to the elderly, disabled, homeless and poor if human beings do not have compassion for them? -Tony Lian [1]

Help can also be extended to Food4u and Uncle Tony to continue their work on the ground through the following contact details: 

#2: Puan Konsimin, Growing And Reaping Better Days With Hopes Malaysia

One passionate farmer who had been with Hopes Malaysia’s sustainable farming programme reaped the benefits of her hard work. Puan Konsimin had been farming in her village in the past, however, with many failures.

Since joining the initiative under The Star Social Impact Grant (SSIG) a year ago under Hopes Malaysia, an NGO based in Sabah providing clean water and uplifting rural communities, she received guidance and was able to gain new tips and tricks from other fellow farmers. 

I am grateful to learn from the other project farmers and have proper guidance from the Hopes Malaysia team. I would not have the farming tools, skills and information if not for this project. I hardly had any successful harvests before this. – Konsimin[2]

After enduring trials and tribulations at the farm, Puan Konsimin is glad that she is finally enjoying the fruits of her labour. Today she can sell her produce at the Tamu market in town, a long-time ambition of Konsimin.

Puan Konsimin has been able to not only grow more vegetables to feed her family, but also realise her ambition of being a market seller. She earns extra income from selling her surplus harvests at the town market (Tamu) once to twice per week.– Hopes Malaysia[2]

Pleased with how things are slowly changing for her family, Konsimin harbours greater hopes for the future. 

Our life has really changed in one year. We went from having a lot of stress because of small vegetables and pest attacks to now harvesting more than we can eat. Looking forward, I hope that I can continue to improve and grow more varieties of crops, so that my family and customers can enjoy more vegetables. – Konsimin [2]

#3: Nurul Hashima, Once Hungry, Now Feeding The Needy With RM3.50 Meals

Nurul Hashima Abu Aris, 41  recalled there was a time when she had to share packets of RM 1 Nasi Lemak with her family members.

We shared four packets of RM1 nasi lemak between myself, my three younger siblings and my parents. Nurul Hashima Abu Aris [3]

Hashima is familiar with having to sleep on an empty stomach and ignoring the rumble in her tummy, she vowed to ensure that others wouldn’t have to feel the same way. 

Today, Hashima runs a food stall selling packets of rice at RM3.50, an idea that was hatched during the 2020 pandemic after having to pay RM7 for a pack of rice with salted fish and a spoonful of vegetables.

It was in the middle of MCO. I told my husband about my intention to kickstart the plan of Budget Rice, to which he agreed. Nurul Hashima Abu Aris [4]

Source: Harian Metro

Since then, she has been selling her rice packets in front of Surau Al-Falah, Section 6, Kota Damansara with the prices unchanged. However, her benevolence stretches further as she gives out the rice packs for free if her customer is unable to afford them. 

Not enough money? Just tell me, and I’ll give you it for free. Nurul Hashima Abu Aris [4]

Some have asked if she can gain profit from her business. She replied:

I do but for me it’s more about making it affordable for people who don’t have much to spend on food. Nurul Hashima Abu Aris [3]

However, the profit is kept to help more people. 

I helped them buy groceries, buy baby essentials. When I couldn’t buy the items for them, I gave them cash. What I gave helped them get through the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. Nurul Hashima Abu Aris [3]

Today, Hashima is selling over 200 food packets per day, often sold out in the first two hours her stall is open for business. The earnings may be smaller than her previous food delivery stint but  “helping people eat and be satisfied”[5] is more than enough for Hashima. 

#4: Free Wheels Helping Many To Commute To Penang Island With Ease

The Penang government recently launched the Congestion Alleviation Transport (CAT) Bridge Bukit Mertajam-Komtar bus service. The initiative provides free bus services for residents to travel from the mainland to the island part of the state.

It may be inconsequential to many with cars and motorcycles at the ready, however, to a 41-year-old single mother, Cindy Woon, it is a blessing.

Cindy lives in low-cost flat housing in Bukit Mertajam with her two teenage children. Cindy had to collect money for four years through part-time jobs to afford a motorcycle to commute. However, riding a bike to Penang Island filled Cindy with fear. 

Source: The Star

I don’t dare ride across Penang Bridge by motorcycle as the wind can be so strong that it shakes the handlebar. But now, I can take the bus. – Cindy Woon[6]

Now, with the free bus initiative, Cindy plans to look for better jobs on the island.

I never dreamed of looking for a job on Penang island but now I can. – Cindy Woon[6]

#5:  A Hardworking Delivery Man Surprised With A Bicycle

Khai is a deliveryman who toiled to help his family back in his village and to buy a bicycle. The man, however, walks to deliver food to the customers, and sometimes the distance stretches to 7km per order.

He doesn’t come from a wealthy family, so he is willing to travel long distances to earn a living. Every week he would send money to his mother back in their village. – Adrian Edy, activist [7]

It also limits the number of orders Khai can take per day.

He’d work from 8am to 9pm every day, but the orders aren’t consistent. There are times when he has no orders to send, and because he delivers by foot, he can’t deliver food to faraway locations.– Adrian Edy, activist[7]

One of the customers saw Khai walking to deliver from Gaya Street to The Palace Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Last week, he walked to deliver food to a customer at a hotel. The customer was surprised that he walked because the distance to the restaurant was quite far, between 6km to 7km. – Adrian Edy, activist[7]

Stricken by his hard work, the customer shared the video of Khai walking to the hotel which has since been viral. The video also caught the attention of Adrian Edy, an activist who gifted Khai with a bicycle to ease him. Khai was moved to tears and has gotten more orders since he started delivering with a bicycle. 

He immediately used the bike for work, and he texted me on WhatsApp that he’s gotten more orders as of late. – Adrian Edy, activist[7]

#6: Kali, A Cleaner At A Dialysis Centre Gives Back To His Workplace

Imagine receiving a six-figure sum after selling a plot of land, for many of us, our priorities may be to upgrade our lifestyle or quit our jobs for a life of leisure. 

However, Kali, a cleaner in a dialysis centre in Perlis chose charity over self-fulfilment. The man with a big heart spent RM 80,000 and donated two dialysis machines to the centre he has been working with.

Kali is an extraordinary person. Most people would have a lot of needs, but he chose to prioritise others. – Izhar Azimat, the property agent who helped Kali with the land sale [8]

Source: The Star

Despite the windfall of fortune, Kali didn’t quit his job and continued to work for a job that has provided him with sustenance all this while. He remained to lead a simple life and rather than purchasing a car to ease his commute to work, decided to stick with his trusty motorcycle.  

To me, he is incredible. Not only did he use a big chunk of his land sale money for the community, but he remains loyal to his job as a cleaner. – Izhar Azimat, the property agent who helped Kali with the land sale[8]

#7: Man Dumpster Diving For Toys For His Son Found A Kind Soul Instead 

Evianne was dropping off her trash at her local community disposal area in Penampang, Sabah, when she encountered a father-son duo rummaging through the bins. The father spotted Evianne and approached her, seeing that she was about to throw a used aquarium.

He asked, “Please hold on, boss. Are there any toys there?”

Source: Twitter via Evianne

Evianne said no but they continued rummaging through the bin. She walked away but was unable to shake off the need to help and Evianne reached into her pocket and gave them RM20.

Here uncle, please use this to buy toys instead of rummaging through the trash. – Evianne[9]

Elated, the father thanked Evianne and stopped his search. The duo headed straight to a nearby mini-market. When Evianne passed them by again, the father waved at her with a wide smile. 

Returning home, Evianne shared her encounter on her Twitter and it garnered good reactions and even donations from the public.

I will definitely approach them again if I’m able to bump into them and I’ll make sure that the donated items reach them.– Evianne[9]

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