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Good News: Ex-Homeless Man Now Pays It Forward, And 6 Other Stories 

As we reach the halfway point of 2023, it’s remarkable how time seems to slip away. This year has been a rollercoaster ride, with its highs and lows. While there are challenges, there are always heartwarming, positive stories that serve as beacons of hope and optimism. Read on for 7 good news stories from the community in June. 

#1: New Wheels For A Deserving Father

Father’s Day is a tribute to the struggles faced by traditional breadwinners, who often provide the financial foundation for their families. Alif Amirul and his siblings took the initiative to make this occasion truly special by surprising their father, Azmi, with a meaningful gift.

They decided to bring him to a motorcycle showroom, knowing that Azmi had a particular attachment to a motorcycle with his favourite number, 5856, which was also the plate number of the lorry he drove to pasar malam every night for work, since 1991.

My dad has been using the same motorcycle for the past 27 years. One day, he showed me a photo of a motorcycle and said that he wanted to buy it. – Alif Amirul[1]

Knowing his father’s wish, Alif and his siblings got to work. 

I told my siblings about our conversation and we immediately called a motorcycle shop near our home to book the bike that he wanted. – Alif Amirul[1]

When Azmi approached the salesman, Alif surprised his father and revealed the motorcycle with the plate number was actually a gift for him. 

Dad, this motorcycle is actually a gift from us (the siblings). – Alif Amirul[1]

Their mission to repay their father’s kindness put a smile on everyone’s face, especially their dad. Alif captured this heartfelt moment on video, cherishing the joy they were able to bring to their father’s face.

We’re happy that we got to carve a smile on his face. – Alif Amirul[1]

#2: Once Homeless, Now Paying It Forward To Help Others

These are the heartwarming stories shared by Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK), a charitable non-profit NGO dedicated to providing free food to the homeless and food rations to the underprivileged through food distribution. On June 21st, a former client named Mr Lee paid a visit to the KSK team and surprised them with a box of Musang King durian.

This is Mr Lee, an ex-client. He was previously homeless and received hot food that KSK provides daily. – Kechara Soup Kitchen [2]

KSK had previously assisted him by replacing his MyKad identification card, which opened up new opportunities for him to secure a job, rent a room, and rebuild his life. In a touching gesture, Mr Lee gifted the KSK team two packets of orange juice when he received his first paycheck.

We are so happy that Mr Lee is now living a life of self-worth and self-dignity. – Kechara Soup Kitchen [2]

Another inspiring story unfolded on June 28th when Mr S, another former client, returned as a volunteer at KSK Street Distribution. KSK had previously helped Mr S secure a place at Pusat Transit Gelandangan (PTG) and recommended him for a part-time job. Now, Mr S is giving back to the community by dedicating his time as a volunteer[3].

#3: Spreading Happiness With Cotton Candy

During the onset of the pandemic, Abang Gula Kapas embarked on a heartwarming endeavour by selling cotton candy, aiming to spread joy and positivity during these challenging times.

I had the idea of selling cotton candy as a reminder of happiness. – Abang Gula Kapas[4]

Recently, Abang Gula Kapas participated in a charity event held at SJK(C) Khoon Aik in Perlis, where he joined hands with others to raise funds for improving school facilities. 

I’m not a politician or someone that comes from a wealthy background. I can’t help everyone that’s struggling, but I’m blessed that I’m able to help those who cross paths with me. – Abang Gula Kapas [4]

Through the sale of cotton candy at the event, he managed to contribute RM 348.90 to the school. However, what left an enduring impression on Abang Gula Kapas was the remarkable harmony and unity among people of different races at the event.

Source: Abang Gula Kapas (TikTok)

These heartfelt gestures and the sense of togetherness exemplify the power of individuals like Abang Gula Kapas, who, despite their own limitations, find ways to make a positive impact and bring communities closer.

#4: A Teenager’s Fight Against Littering

Littering issues have been a well-known problem in Malaysia, but one 14-year-old secondary student from Port Dickson, Y. Joshua, decided to take matters into his own hands. While waiting for his bus, Joshua took the initiative to clean up the bus station by picking up litter in the area.

I have nothing to do when I’m waiting for my bus, so I decided to clean the station by picking up rubbish. – Y. Joshua[5]

Despite being a small gesture, Joshua takes immense pride and joy in knowing that his efforts can make a significant difference.

I know it’s a public area, but I wait for the bus here every day, I like seeing that the area is clean. – Y. Joshua[5]

As a result of his dedication, Joshua has even received occasional tokens of appreciation such as free drinks and food from nearby vendors. However, he hopes that the public will also take responsibility and proactively dispose of their rubbish in the designated bins.

I genuinely want to clean the space and pick the rubbish up. – Y. Joshua[5]

#5: Visually Impaired Students Break Barriers And Excel In SPM 2022 

The recent Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2022 results announcement showcased the remarkable achievements of students at the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB), proving that disabilities are not a barrier to success. Among the 28 blind and visually impaired students who sat for the examination, four accomplished an outstanding feat by achieving 11As.

In recognition of their exceptional accomplishments, the MAB centre rewarded students who obtained stellar results.

Those with 9As and above received RM2,000 each while those with 6As to 8As got RM1,000 each. – George Thomas, MAB, executive director[6]

Among the remarkable students who surpassed expectations is 18-year-old Nur Iman Khaliesah Muhamad from Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, who attended SM Pendidikan Khas Setapak. Iman’s SPM results included an impressive achievement of 9As, including 3A+ grades in Islamic studies and Tasawwur Islam subjects. She aspires to further her education in the fields of business or insurance.

I was taken aback when I got my results, particularly when I discovered that I had achieved an A in mathematics. Nur Iman Khaliesah Muhamad[6]

Iman highlighted the challenges she faced while studying mathematics due to her visual impairment.

Source: The Star

For maths, it was hard for me to draw the graphs but there were tools like lenses that helped me to see better. Nur Iman Khaliesah Muhamad[6]

Iman also expressed gratitude towards her teachers for their support during her revisions and encouraged other students with visual impairment to stay strong and keep going. 

Those with visual impairment should not lose hope, as there are supportive teachers available who are willing to assist us if we seek their help, and numerous tools are now available to help us in our studies as well. – Nur Iman Khaliesah Muhamad[6]

#6: Flipping Burgers To Sustain An Animal Shelter 

Ong Siew Hiang, a 59-year-old trained chef specializing in Thai cuisine, has been actively rescuing stray animals since her 30s. Her first encounter with a stray was Pingu, a 4- to 5-month-old dog with a broken limb that she discovered right in front of her former Thai restaurant.

I found the dog right in front of my shop, and I decided to take it in and nurse it back to health. – Ong Siew Hiang[7]

Six years ago, circumstances led to the closure of a Thai restaurant she co-owned, as her partner was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following this setback, Ong opened a burger stall located in Rock Cafe in Sunway. She selflessly directed all her earnings toward the welfare of the rescued strays under her care.

Source:  iwoofplants (Instagram)

Managing a shelter with 47 stray animals comes with financial responsibilities. Ong explained that she requires an average monthly budget of RM 6,000 to RM 7,000 to meet the needs of the dogs, which includes employing a helper to assist with their care.

Despite the challenges, Ong’s unwavering dedication and love for these animals shine through. Her ongoing efforts and sacrifices demonstrate her commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for the stray dogs she rescues.

#7: Delivery Rider Rewarded For Going The Extra Mile

Delivery riders endure long hours beyond the typical 9-5 work schedule, facing physical challenges and occasionally encountering difficult customers. Hazmie Faiz Razak, a dedicated delivery rider, encountered a unique challenge when he had to climb multiple flights of stairs to deliver food to a customer on the 5th floor.

I had to deliver an order to a flat on the 5th floor. Initially, I felt lazy to climb up that high, but because it was my duty, I decided to do it wholeheartedly. When I reached the customer’s house, they were already waiting for me. I handed over the food, and to my surprise, the customer gave me an envelope. – Hazmie Faiz Razak[8]

Curious, Hazmie inquired about its contents, and the customer assured him that it held no ill intent. Continuing with his deliveries, Hazmie decided to open the envelope later. When Hazmie finally opened the envelope, he was met with a heartwarming surprise.

Source: Hazmie Faiz Razak Facebook

There was a piece of paper with a message from the customer. Along with it, some cash. As I read it, tears welled up in my eyes. – Hazmie Faiz Razak[8]

The customer’s note touched Hazmie deeply. It read, “Brother, please pray for me and my wife to be blessed with children.” 

Overwhelmed by their kind gesture, Hazmie felt a strong connection to the couple’s heartfelt plea and fervently offered his prayers for their desire to have children.

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