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Poverty affects millions of people globally. In fact, when you think about someone who is living in poverty, you will probably have …

MCO in Malaysia

It’s officially been one year since the pandemic broke out and Malaysians experienced the first Movement Control Order (MCO). Most of us …


In Malaysia, 8.7% of households with children live below the poverty line[1]. It is likely that the numbers can be higher as …

Mental Health


“Are you in your right mind?” This question is becoming more literal as conversations on mental health become more prominent in recent …

Climate Change

We currently live in times where climate change is no longer a matter of discussion. It has become our reality where the …


20th June is World Refugee Day, a day where the spotlight is on refugees. We want to recognise them as people who …

Social Protection

Social protection is essentially the policies and programmes in place to ensure the basic needs of a citizen are met from cradle …

Child Marriage

In the eyes of activists, the occurrence of child marriages robs boys and girls from their childhood. However, the same sentiment is …


One stateless child is born into the world every 10 minutes[1]. In 2016, there were at least 290,000 stateless children in Malaysia[2]. …



Malaysia is one of the most urbanised countries of East Asia, behind Japan, South Korea and Singapore[1]. Our rate of urbanisation is …

Child Labour


“Sweatshops working children in Bangladesh for a notable fast-fashion company” and “Children in Africa mining for the rich” – these headlines have …

Volunteer With Wiki Impact


Write the first framework or persuasive piece on a social issue we’ve not featured. Convince us why it should be talked about.


You love words and have a knack at translating them for readability. We are looking for translation from English to BM or Mandarin. The idea is to grow Wiki Impact for the whole Malaysia.


Help us verify the content by ensuring that it is true, credible, and updated.


Wade through pages on the internet and help us with desk research. We are looking for curious minds with a keen sense to investigate, learn, and read.


Wade through pages on the internet and help us with desk research. We are looking for curious minds with a keen sense to investigate, learn, and read.


You are familiar working with WordPress, PHP or maps. We have areas of improvement on our website and everything tech that powers Wiki Impact. 


Share with us your expert knowledge and real-life stories at the grassroots level if you’re an academic, government agency, NGO, or practitioner. Help make the picture clearer!


You are a designer but more than that. You enjoy presenting information so that the world finds it readable almost instantaneously.


Document or edit footages to help storytell social issues more effectively. You are passionate with creating visual content for impact.

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