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Wen Di Sia

Wen Di Sia is a writer and researcher with a keen interest in indigenous arts and culture, particularly focusing on topics such as indigenous knowledge, cosmologies, and eco-critical thoughts. Her works have been selected for the VOICES 2017 workshop at the Georgetown Literary Festival and the 2018 Far East Film Festival Campus.

In 2018, Wen founded GERIMIS, a collaborative artistic and archiving collective that collaborates on artworks and cultural content with indigenous Malaysian (Orang Asli) artists and artisans. The GERIMIS Art Project aims to reestablish a connection with Malaysia’s Orang Asli (OA) and their histories and traditions through the lens of arts and culture that celebrate, while delving into the inner world and way of life of the OA.

The art collective primarily collaborates with Orang Asli who are already leading their own efforts in promoting and preserving their arts, culture, and traditions. Through exhibitions, publications, workshops, and talks, GERIMIS advocates for the Orang Asli’s customary territories and the return of these lands to their custodianship.

Making an impact is shattering perspectives and creating pathways to new ways of seeing, understanding, and carrying oneself in the world that is compassionate, kind, and caring to the earth.

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