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TP Lim

Roots & Shoots Malaysia is part of a worldwide youth programme founded by Dr Jane Goodall. Jane initiated the youth-led programme as she sought to inspire through youth empowerment and volunteerism. Roots & Shoots was launched to involve young people to make positive changes for people, animals and the environment.  

In 2015, TP Lim established Roots & Shoots Malaysia, placing service projects at its forefront. The organisation believes that youth have the power to change the future when they are inspired, equipped and well informed about the issues around them. With the launch of the Roots & Shoots Malaysia Awards (RASMA), youths are encouraged to volunteer with local NGO partners through impactful activities. Some of the amazing work done by the NGO partners include the protection of tigers, sun bears and turtles; rainforest and biodiversity conservation and many others. 

In 2021, RASMA ran for five months, involving 83 volunteers who completed the program, with nearly 7,000 hours of volunteer work clocked in. 

As the president of Roots & Shoots Malaysia, TP Lim works with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers to ensure that Malaysian youth are given the opportunity to make their voices heard and their ideas tested – to create a sustainable future for humans and animals alike.

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