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Sulie Abell

Sulie Abell is the founder of Sluvi, a Sarawak-based social enterprise with a line of natural beauty products locally sourced, made and produced by rural Sarawakians. Sluvi aims to empower farmers whilst simultaneously bringing local remedies into the forefront of skincare.

Sulie was inspired to create a line of natural products after she suffered from chronic eczema and failed to find a suitable chemical-free solution. Going back to her roots in the village of Melugu, Simanggan in Sarawak, Sulie sought the help of farmers to grow and harvest various ingredients such as rice, lemon grass and aloe vera.

In 2018, she launched Sluvi, a range of skincare products that are natural, locally sourced and safe for the environment and for people, especially those with sensitive skin.

Her early exposure to social enterprise came from her university days as an International Relations student, during which she learned of the microcredit concept introduced by Muhammad Yunus to empower small businesses in Bangladesh.

To date, Sluvi has increased the income of B40 farmers in Melugu village by 300% while producing eco-friendly skincare products. In 2018, Sluvi won the Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE programme. Sulie herself is a recipient of Prestige 40 Under 40 (2021), Prestige’s Annual List of Malaysia’s Most Successful Innovative and Influential Young People.

To me, making an impact means when we do something that gives positive changes to society, the environment and animals. In this world, there is always a problem to be solved. Anyone should be attentive to any world problem and do something about it, doesn’t matter whether it’s small or big. Action matters, to make that ‘Act of Good’ domino effect. Kindness wins!

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