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Shawn Stanly

Shawn is a speaker and doer of change in Education since his high school years. He was awarded a full scholarship as an Ambassador to the Anthony Robbins Foundation Global Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego, California in 2013.

It was after his STPM when he took on a job as a tutor for underprivileged children that he realised the prevalent gaps in the Malaysian education system. Not all children are able to access learning opportunities and some children are more privileged than others due to their socioeconomic backgrounds. This drove Shawn to do more in the Malaysian education space and narrow that gap of education inequity.

Shawn pursued a Bachelors in Social Sciences majoring in International Relations at University Malaysia, Sabah, where he teamed up with a few friends to teach stateless children at a school serving the local community in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Upon graduating, he was still convicted in his calling to teach, so after working as a Project Coordinator for a year, he joined Teach For Malaysia’s Fellowship program where he is now serving in an all Orang Asli public school in the interiors of Gerik, Perak, teaching science and music to the Orang Asli children of the Temiar and Jehai tribes.

Shawn’s work in education has always been in enabling more learning opportunities for children, especially those who are marginalised. He hopes that through his work he is able to help students realise their own potential and have a capacity to dream and achieve their goals with confidence.

Making an impact requires a collective effort and I strongly believe that everyone has a part and can play a part in making a difference. All it takes is a desire to bring change, and that will motivate you to be the change.

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