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Sharrada Segeran

Sharrada Segeran is a dedicated advocate for mental health and Co-founder and Director of Mind Matters Network, an organisation committed to the well-being of young people, guided by seasoned professionals. She is a final year medical student with an unwavering passion for bringing mental health to the forefront of her country’s agenda, with a primary focus on youth mental health and the enhancement of mental health policies.

Notably, Sharrada holds the distinction of being the youngest World Board member ever elected to WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts). She has also chaired the NCMW Youth Task Force and served as the youngest board member in the National Coalition of Mental Wellbeing. Her advocacy extends to speaking engagements in schools and national events, where she shares her insights on youth mental health. Furthermore, Sharrada has represented Malaysia in the ECOSOC Youth Forum, Asean University Student Council Union, and Global Youth Summit.

Sharrada’s commitment to mental health literacy is exemplified through her co-authorship of the Handbook on Youth Mental Health in Malaysia, distributed to over 2000 copies within the first month, reaching educational institutions and community centers throughout Malaysia at no cost. In collaboration with her team, Mind Matters Network continues to establish free mental health exhibition booths and execute mental health literacy programs in schools.

Internationally recognised for her work, Sharrada has been featured by UNICEF and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Sharrada’s academic journey includes a degree in Medical Sciences (Hons) and her ongoing clinical training for medicine (MChD) in Australia.

Making an impact is to make a difference within your means, no matter how small it is. Even if it makes a change to the life of just one other person, that is good enough.

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