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Sharifah Sofia

Sharifah Sofia is a multifaceted individual, renowned not only for her acting skills but also for her passionate advocacy work. As a versatile artist, she has graced screens with her talent, captivating audiences with her performances. Simultaneously, she has used her platform to shed light on pressing social issues, embodying the essence of an artist-advocate. Her presence in both the entertainment industry and the advocacy sphere makes her a unique figure, leaving an impactful mark wherever her passions take her.

Sofia was actively involved in turtle conservation, where she scouted beaches for turtle nests, retrieved the eggs, and transported them to a hatchery to protect them from poachers and natural predators. After 40 to 60 days, when the eggs hatched, the baby turtles were released into the sea.

Additionally, Sofia has participated in numerous mangrove replanting programs along coasts and riversides in various states across the country. She was an enthusiastic volunteer in a local river clean-up initiative in Ara Damansara, Selangor, where she and other volunteers would regularly clean the river. All the plastics collected were then recycled using a homemade recycling machine to create useful and functional everyday items.

Sofia firmly believes that there should be more environmental programs in schools. Young adults, teenagers, and primary school students are the future generation, and they should be educated about climate change and encouraged to take measures to protect their ecosystem.

I view ‘impact’ as the ripple effect of my actions, wherein each drop I contribute creates waves of positive change in the world around me.

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