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Sarah Ann Chou

Sarah Ann Chou is a mental health activity manager at Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Ever since she was a teenager, Sarah was exposed to the reality of migrants and refugees. During her time at The International Organization for Migration, she was further exposed to the mental health vulnerabilities of this population.

The desire to serve refugees and the marginalised community came after witnessing countless injustice incidents refugees went through. Sarah then left her previous job of eight years and pursued her Master’s in Clinical Psychology. She found the perfect fit when she discovered Doctors Without Borders, an organisation providing healthcare services to the stateless Rohingya and refugee communities in Penang.

Sarah felt like she hit the jackpot by being able to work with MSF, a platform giving her the opportunity to support the mental well-being of refugees. Working with MSF for almost five years, she now works with a team of 16 amazing people to provide mental health and psychosocial support to refugees and migrants in Penang.

Impact for me is affecting change through action. It’s about being aware and recognizing an issue and then doing something about it.

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