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Reverend Henry Sandanam

Born and bred in Penang, Reverend Henry Sandanam moved to Kuala Lumpur in fulfilment of his calling to set up a community centre. Adhering to the calling to empower lives, he launched the Association of Social Services and Community Development of Gombak District, Selangor (PSPK) in 2006. PSPK has uplifted communities through several services such as community service, women development, sewing training, computer training, bakery training, setting up a senior citizen wellness centre, and establishing a young generation centre for youth.

Reverend Henry completed his studies in Bible and Christian Ministry, Christian Counselling and Social Work, and has also obtained his Degree in Theology. Through PSPK, he has impacted countless lives. For instance, women without any educational background now own their very own tailoring shops. Through programs and upskilling efforts, many are now able to provide financially for their families.

In 2017, PSPK received a Certificate of Recognition for the CSR Initiative by CIMB Foundation. Furthermore, PSPK has won the Regional Centre of Expertise Award honouring the Innovative Project on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) by the United Nations University for PSPK (2020) and also the Regional Centre of Expertise Award honouring the Local Sustainable Development on Community Transformation by the United Nations University for PSPK (2021).

Reverend Henry Sandanam was featured on Astro Channel & RTM Radio Minnal FM Channel numerous times to give talks regarding PSPK and how they are willing to go far and wide to help those who require it.

Impacting is all about being there for the people in need with a strong support structure. We are on the journey of empowering individuals with a renewed sense of purpose to reach their fullest potential. Dreams do not work unless you do. Therefore, our focus is not just to dream big but to work hard to draw everyone’s attention towards society restoration for a sustainable and resilient society regardless of race and creed to ensure no one is left behind.

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