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Ram Raj

Ram is currently involved in developing airasia academy into the catalyst for equity in education across ASEAN. Changing lives, economies and improving welfare starts with equipping everyone with skills that have value. Using his expertise in artificial intelligence lends to making a state-of-the art educational platform both intuitive and customized to every individual. Among the groups of individuals who have been helped by airasia academy include B40s, OKUs and Juveniles. These initiatives will include all marginalized groups and will reduce the cost of education across ASEAN. Effort, drive and endurance have always been part of Ram’s philosophy, in the words of his father Gopal, “Discipline is doing what you have to do whether you like it or not”. Indeed, effecting positive change is a formidable challenge, but it is a responsibility that must be shouldered by those willing to undertake it.

Impact means that lives are improved and life necessities become more affordable and accessible. It also means opening up more opportunities for individuals.

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