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Rafidah@Rafizah Ahmad

Rafidah@Rafizah Ahmad is a mother of two children, her daughter, Janna is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy(CP). As a former engineer turned community builder, she’s also an advocate for CP, willing and determined to create opportunities for the CP community. Rafidah is also a Meta-certified community manager.

With a need to help other parents whose children live with CP and the need to educate the public on matters concerning CP, she founded Cerebral Palsy Malaysia or Gabungan Anak-Anak Palsi Serebrum (GAPS) in 2016. GAPS is a non-profit organisation with a mission to create possibilities for those diagnosed with CP, in order to improve their quality of living.

Rafidah also initiated the Adaptive Dikir Barat group and Asia’s first Frame Football team (in collaboration with Pan-Disability Football Malaysia). In 2021, GAPS was selected as one of the top 1% community leaders of the most impactful communities globally from more than 14,000 applicants for a Facebook Community Accelerator Program.

For me, making an impact is more than just giving a helping hand, but also empowering the people I am helping and enabling them to be a changemaker

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