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Qarin Irfan Razak

With diverse experience in various fields, Qarin Irfan Razak is dedicated to building a better Malaysia through sustained initiatives that empower Malaysians. His journey began in 2016 when he collaborated with the UNHCR, an organisation focused on safeguarding and aiding refugees in Malaysia and presided over Hunger Hurts Malaysia.

Through his experiences with Hunger Hurts, Qarin recognised the importance of long-term efforts in combating poverty, particularly through education and the development of future-proof skills. This realisation led to the co-founding of DevX Asia, alongside Faiz Hadzim, another co-founder of Hunger Hurts. Supported by a strong and capable team, Qarin works to identify wider issues surrounding the topic of poverty in Malaysia.

DevX’s aim is to ensure that individuals, regardless of their age or background, are equipped with the essential skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex and advanced world. DevX focuses on imparting core skills such as leadership, communication, innovation, and critical thinking through carefully designed programs and modules.

Today, DevX continues to conduct weekly programs, striving to create a stronger and brighter future for all those involved.

Additionally, he holds the position of Vice President at Jentayu Sustainable Berhad, a company committed to generating clean energy for Malaysia.

Making an impact is a responsibility to bring forth positive advancements. At its core, making an impact is continuously learning and being inspired every single day, and in turn, giving back to those around us to leave the world a better place tomorrow than it is today.

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