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Pam Guneratnam

In 2016, Pam Guneratnam founded Humankind, a social impact organisation with a vision of a world where everyone recognizes themselves as valuable, needed and connected and with the ability to make a positive difference. Humankind operates with the aim to advance mental health and well-being through creative evidence-based community mental health programs and professional services.

Humankind’s prominent projects include KitaReka, a safe creative space for people from all walks of life to express themselves. Kitareka has been implemented in schools, open studios, and even in the work field where employers and employees can relieve their stress.

The organisation also practices an asset-based community development approach in building collaboratively with our partners. Pam was also the 2019 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Richmont Graduate University, USA and a 2020 Acumen Fellow.

Kindness is a powerful tool that is available to everyone. When our abilities are used in service of others, everyone benefits including ourselves. Impact for me is when mental health care is grounded in community life and the social and emotional well-being of vulnerable individuals improves as a result of care from community members who have been empowered and enabled.

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