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Ong Ning Geng

Ong Ning Geng, known affectionately as Ning, is the visionary behind Chocolate Concierge, a venture founded on the principles of social and environmental sustainability. In his view, crafting the most delectable chocolate requires the seamless integration of justice and fairness into every aspect of production. This commitment extends from active community engagement to environmental conservation and permeates all operational processes. Ning has embarked on a mission to uncover the essence of Malaysian cacao, collaborating with the custodians of cacao trees—the indigenous communities (Orang Asli). With these precious beans, he takes chocolate from ‘farm’ to table, with a deliberate focus on preserving the distinct flavors unique to their origins.

Ning draws profound inspiration from the agroforestry model embraced by indigenous communities. In his own farms, he reveres and practices this symbiotic relationship with nature, where a vibrant array of durian, cocoa, and native trees coexist, bolstering ecological harmony. His dedication lies in safeguarding Malaysia’s invaluable cacao heritage while nurturing a sense of unity and shared growth with the communities engaged in its cultivation. In this endeavor, Ning aspires to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable cacao industry—one that reveres the environment, values every community, and cherishes the authentic flavors of its origins.

“Making an impact” means fostering a profound and enduring positive change within local communities by preserving the ecology and biodiversity, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Thus, allowing for mutual growth and the conservation of invaluable, unique cacao varieties and their distinctive flavours. Making an impact also entails the creation of a transparent and socially responsible F&B industry that values every contributor, respects ecological balance, and nurtures a symbiotic relationship between human beings and nature.

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