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Nurfarini Daing

Nurfarini Daing has always been committed to harnessing youths in marginalised communities through volunteering in her free time. During her work stint at MDEC, Nurfarini observed that the majority of youth have brilliant ideas that could help solve urgent social issues but they are faced with insufficient funding.

Understanding this gap, in 2010, Nurfarini and her colleagues founded a non-profit foundation serving youths with social impact initiatives known as myHarapan or Youth Trust Foundation.

Through my Harapan, 85,000 youth were reached with 26 social initiatives and were given the necessary funding and support to grow further as of 2021. One of the accomplishments achieved by myHarapan and Nurfarini is the establishment of the first sports social business – Discover Muay Thai.

The social enterprise started as an internal programme of myHarapan and ran by three myHarapan employees. The venture has grown and now has a total of three gyms running, accommodating youth at risk and providing underserved communities with job opportunities as a trainer. With over 23 years of start-up experience, Nurfarini continues to devote her time and effort to developing independent and wholesome youth through myHarapan.

For more info on myHarapan, click here.

Impact to me is making significant and positive changes in the lives of young people so they can gain the courage to lead a life that is kind, and creates a meaningful difference in the lives of others and the planet.

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