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Nagarajan Rengasamy

The works of Nagarajan Rengasamy as the manager of The Forest and Coastal Programme at the Global Environment Centre (GEC) have been crucial to restoring and conserving Malaysia’s green lungs. The NGO established over 24 years ago has plenty of achievements to boast about, including more than 150 projects in over 15 countries on environmental issues. Furthermore, they have planted more than 550,000 mangrove and peat swamp forest trees with the assistance of 50,000 volunteers.

Nagarajan sharp eyes oversee the community-based natural resource management projects in Malaysia and have partnered with other NGOs to halt developmental projects that could harm the pristine environment such as the degazettement of Kuala Langat forest reserve.

He led more than 40 projects related to community-based forest conservation and rehabilitation management. In addition, he also introduced the concept of sustainability as a paradigm shift for community-based forest conservation and rehabilitation management.

Recently GEC was awarded the 2022 Merdeka Award for its extensive work on conserving and protecting the natural resources along with the environment in Malaysia.

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Making an impact by means of environmental conservation and protection at the local level bring multitude benefits by increasing the resilience of the ecosystem to heal from both natural and man-made disturbances and provide its essential services for the smooth functioning of the whole system.

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