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Melissa Tanya Gomes

Melissa Tanya Gomes is a former management consultant, teacher and mother of 2; she holds a degree in Economics and a postgraduate diploma in Education with distinction.

When she was deciding on a career pathway, her heart was set on social work. But relenting to societal pressures, Melissa landed a job as a management consultant longing to contribute to the marginalised communities. Her time came after she heard a radio advertisement by Teach For Malaysia.

Melissa took up the challenge, and her journey to solve education inequality in Malaysia began. Being posted to a high-need national school only made her passion for education grow stronger, having tasted the full benefits education can bring.

Through her teaching journey, Melissa discerned that there is a strong need for teachers to be empowered, and given the appropriate support to change the classroom and inspire their students.

This led her to form Edvolution Enterprise in 2016 with her best friend, Janice Chong. The organisation is built on the premise of cultivating competent education leaders at all levels of the education system. Edvolution provides end-to-end support for capacity building in educators and curriculum development for teachers and students.

Edvolution’s flagship programme, Teacher Empowerment for School Transformation’, (TEST), continues to reduce teacher absenteeism by 6% in five months. The programme was shortlisted as one of the top 150 innovations in education by HundrEd Global.

Edvolution has reached 14 schools and 8918 students in its first two years. Melissa is also a proud recipient of the 2020 Prestige 40 Under 40 young women leaders award and currently sits on a global Advisory Council to review Teacher Leadership across the globe.

For more info on Edvolution Enterprise, click here.

Being generous with your resources (time, money, skills) to make small changes in someone’s life. Efficient impact is achieved when you continuously strive to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

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