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Lily Fu

Lily Fu is the visionary behind SeniorsAloud (SA), an online community for older adults created in 2008. The community is dedicated to promoting active, healthy ageing and offering assistance to elderly individuals in need. At the age of 70, Lily pursued a Masters in Applied Gerontology, demonstrating her commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of seniors.

Lily is dedicated to lifelong learning and has volunteered for 10 years with the University of the Third Age (U3A) at UPM, where she promotes short courses for senior citizens. At 72, she received a grant from the Freedom Film Network in 2020 and is behind the documentary ‘Meniti Senja,’ shedding light on the challenges faced by elderly residents in a Muslim care home, raising awareness about their rights to dignified care.

SeniorsAloud emphasises volunteerism as one of its core pillars. In 2020, they produced a calendar featuring inspiring senior role models to raise funds for new bedding for 70 elderly residents in a care home. In 2022, SA published “Our Stories, Our Legacy,” a collection of short stories by senior citizens that serve as memory recalls and conversation starters in group settings and retirement homes. The book’s proceeds were used to provide physio/rehab equipment for an aged care home.

SA’s community services extend to covering the cost of cataract surgery and dementia care, supporting elderly widows with house rental, and assisting blind elderly buskers with the purchase of an amplifier. They also collaborate with NGOs such as Kechara Soup Kitchen and Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia, and SA members actively volunteer in surveys and research studies conducted by universities.

Making an impact means being able to see the transformation in the lives of older adults through the activities we organise, the social connections we have enabled, and the positive feedback we have received from them. The healthy numbers on our social media platforms prove that we have made an impact.

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