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Lau Chai Ming (Edmund)

Lau Chai Ming, professionally known as Edmund, is a coral reef ecologist by training, having graduated from Universiti Malaya with a BSc in Ecology and Biodiversity, and an MSc in Marine Ecology and Biodiversity.

In 2018, Edmund, alongside Liew Hui Ling, Quek Yew Aun, and Serena Adam, co-created Reef Stakes, an award-winning educational role-playing card game centered on the marine environment. This game encourages players to collaborate, navigate conflicts, and determine the fate of a coral reef ecosystem. As players embark on this immersive journey, they grapple with challenges posed by human threats, including destructive fishing, pollution, and coastal development. This initiative gave rise to Reef Spawn, a transformative program aimed at nurturing the next generation of marine environment champions among Malaysia’s youth. Edmund then translated the conceptual idea into the powerful short video animation “Life and Times of Jenah,” which portrays the threats facing the trinity of marine ecosystems: mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrasses. This animation has received multiple award nominations and serves as a testament to Edmund’s dedication to raising awareness about marine conservation.

Edmund’s journey in marine and environmental conservation began in 2005, involving a diverse portfolio that encompasses monitoring and preservation of coral reefs, conducting research with several published articles, fostering community and stakeholder engagement, and igniting public awareness and outreach. Today, his work revolves around project management, crafting strategic programmatic visions, and shaping policies with the aim of safeguarding nature for future generations.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Edmund volunteers his time as an EcoDiver and EcoDiver Course Director with Reef Check Malaysia. He is also an esteemed alumnus of the Young SouthEast Asia Leadership Initiative (YSEALI), where he participated in notable programs such as the YSEALI Professional Fellow and Seeds for Future Grants. In 2019, his passion and contributions earned him the title of ASEAN Youth Eco-Champion. His remarkable journey continues, with the Lewis Pugh Foundation recognizing him as one of the 2022 Coral Champions.

Making an impact entails having the courage and support to take the first step. While discussions generate ideas, an idea transforms into an impact only when there is initiative, regardless of its scale. Much like a drop of water, irrespective of its size, it has the potential to create ripples.

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