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Lai Chong Haur

For Lai Chong Haur, what ignited his desire and passion to help the differently-abled was when he witnessed how difficult it was for someone with a disability to find a job, grow in their career and live a financially independent life.

Seven Tea one, which is also known as Kitchen For Good, first started in 2016 before Lai Chong Haur officially took over the social enterprise in 2018. Before that, he was working as a Human Resource practitioner for over 20 years and always had a passion and an eye for community work. Due to that, working for Seven Tea One wasn’t a world he wasn’t unfamiliar with.

The social enterprise is known for its cookies, handmade soaps, and fair-trade tea, which are all products made by differently-abled individuals. Seven Tea One provides a safe platform for differently-abled and marginalised communities to learn new skills and make products that actually sell. 

Impact for me creating a purposeful and sustainable change to a social or environmental cause. It is beyond a charitable act of merely helping but also transforming.

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