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Kelvin Tan

Kelvin serves as the CEO of Project ID, an organization dedicated to designing innovative, student-centric experiences focused on leadership, social-emotional learning, and career aspirations. His career commenced as a public school teacher within Teach For Malaysia’s inaugural cohort. During his time in schools, he collaborated with students hailing from underserved communities, where he crafted a one-year career aspirations program aimed at preparing them for a future-ready world. Subsequently, he transitioned into management consulting, specializing in strategy, operations, and sustainability. His client portfolio spanned public policy, aviation, and FMCG industries. Additionally, he assumed leadership roles in technology startups, focusing on product management and data analytics within the automotive and mental health sectors.

Within Project ID, Kelvin and his team blend pedagogy and experiential learning to enhance the development of soft skills among young people in Malaysia. Program areas encompass Student Leadership and Empowerment, Youth Employability, Safe Space and Anti-Bullying, Internships for Secondary School Students, and Financial Literacy. The Project ID team maintains close collaborations with partners, including Yayasan Hasanah, the Ministry of Education, UNICEF Malaysia, CIMB Foundation, and ECM Libra Foundation.

Kelvin’s notable achievements include being recognized as an Obama Leader, where he represented the Asia Pacific region on a panel alongside President Obama. He is also a YSEALI Fellow, having contributed to a non-profit organization in Washington DC. Furthermore, he holds the distinction of being an Acumen Fellow and has collaborated with the Economist Intelligence Unit, contributing to research on issues related to sexual violence against children and global health security.

Making an impact means effecting genuine change for the people with whom we work. For us, it’s not solely about test scores; rather, it’s about cultivating positive mindsets and equipping them with the tools to instigate change for themselves and their communities.

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