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Justin Cheah

After being a humble volunteer on the weekends for a year at Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK), an organisation serving the underprivileged, Justin Cheah knew he’d fulfil his calling if he could go all in. The former banker from a prominent banking organisation saw little fulfilment in his previous career and sought to do something more with his life. After much deliberation, Justin took a leap and in 2008, he formally joined KSK as the Operations Director. Over the years has successfully contributed to the organisation’s growth. For him, it’s more than just distributing food – his job is about transforming lives.

To date, KSK is a platform for over 16,000 individuals to carry out charity. They have served 66,234 individuals and benefitted 422 community agencies across Malaysia. Justin envisions KSK to grow to the highest level in order to be able to benefit many more needy out there.

For more information on Kechara Soup Kitchen, click here.

Making an impact is something we refer to as what difference we made into what we were doing, in this case the level of change / contribution we made to the people in need.

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