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Johnson Lam Hooi Liang

Johnson is a jack of all trades—a serial entrepreneur, community builder, photographer, videographer, Rotarian, and holder of 23 years of corporate experience. He is best known as the founder of KakiDIY, an enterprise dedicated to DIY projects, community engagement, education, and ecosystem development. Additionally, he is the brains behind KakiRepair, a grassroots movement that encourages people to repair rather than discard used items.

Johnson proudly identifies himself as a hardcore DIY enthusiast. Since his youth, he has been engrossed in crafting things with his own hands, often modifying his own toys. Eventually, he realized that his DIY skills could be harnessed for more significant endeavors. At just 19 years old, he embarked on his first DIY Computer Business to finance his education.

Leveraging the skills he honed as a Maker and drawing from his DIY experiences, Johnson successfully transformed his passions for photography, automobiles, and gadgets into a thriving enterprise, KakiDIY. In collaboration with SOLS Group (comprising SOLS247, SOLS Energy, SOLS EDU, SOLS SMART, and ChargeSingh), he has dedicated himself to serving, educating, and empowering communities by providing clean energy solutions to households.

Making an impact is making a difference in people’s life, mindset and community engagement. I believe impact is hard to be done alone, in order to make an impact on society, like-minded people need to collaborate and work together to make a change.

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