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Joanne Mun

Having trained as an Architect-Urbanist in Australia and Malaysia for two decades, Joanne is a Creative Community Advocate who focuses on the fields of education, volunteerism and urban farming with two NGOs; Kebun-Kebun Bangsar, as well YWCA KL.

Kebun-Kebun Bangsar is a green garden which is designed, built and maintained by the communities and the volunteers.  As its chairperson, Joanne is involved with the management and the operation of the urban farms, which is where they ensure they provide education to the underprivileged communities in KL to improve their access to healthy food.

In YWCA KL, she is the 2nd Vice President and there she co-leads the Youth Wing Creative Programme, which was designed for the students of YWCA VTOC (Vocational Training Opportunity Centre). It concentrates on providing vocational skills training for young women and girls regardless of their backgrounds who come from economically disadvantaged communities. 

The ability to inspire others to act upon a common goal that benefits the society and planet.

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