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Joan Low

Joan Low serves as the Founder and CEO of ThoughtFull, an innovative digital mental health company that pioneers comprehensive solutions for the entire mental health ecosystem in Asia.

With over two decades of personal experience as a mental health caregiver, Joan intimately understands the existing gaps within Asia’s mental healthcare landscape. Her firsthand experiences have inspired her to champion genuine transformation and remedies within Asia’s mental health ecosystem through the establishment of ThoughtFull.

ThoughtFull offers an affordable and accessible end-to-end mental wellbeing solution, geared towards helping organizations enhance employee performance, productivity, and retention. It wholeheartedly acknowledges the imperative for mental wellbeing within organizations and leverages technology to democratize mental health access with a personalized touch.

Before her journey with ThoughtFull, Joan served as a banker at J.P. Morgan in Hong Kong, where she skillfully managed a portfolio valued at USD 1.3 billion. Joan’s unwavering mission is deeply rooted in her real-world exposure to corporate dynamics and the pressing mental healthcare requirements of individuals and organizations alike.

To make an impact means answering a higher calling to serve a purpose greater than our personal interests. Mental health, although intrinsic to our humanity and fundamental to our well-being, often goes unaddressed. Drawing from my experience as a mental health caregiver for over two decades, I am compelled to serve the broader community. My mission is to make mental health a priority for all, every day, by providing ThoughtFull’s comprehensive end-to-end care.

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