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Jey Bala

Jey’s journey in search of sustainability has brought him to Biji-biji Initiative & Mereka as the Chief Ecosystem Officer (CECO) after his experience at HP and Dell as a trainer. His skills include running corporate training, hackathons, upcycling workshops, mentoring businesses, and conducting civic engagement campaigns, which are second nature to Jey. Committed to lifelong learning, he is also MIT-certified in Design Thinking.

His ability to wear multiple hats in leadership of the Mereka Space team, the Biji-biji and Mereka Ecosystem, training and directing several high impact projects and maintaining positive client relationships with Fortune 500 companies, leading financial institutions, embassies, and industry giants like Mondelez International, Microsoft, PwC, CIMB, Petronas, UNESCO-APCEIU, and the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, among others.

Additionally, Jey’s experience as an HRDF-certified trainer has laid the foundation for his expertise in developing modules on Internal CSR, creating functional products, running accelerator programs, and designing customised programs to achieve all of the client’s needs while creating impactful change. Now, he is venturing forward to building an ecosystem for the creative and social economy.

Impact to me is advocating for positive social change. Working with others who share your values and passion to accomplish meaningful goals is crucial, because without the support of various stakeholders, nothing can be accomplished. The journey might be difficult but what a story you will have in the end.

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