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Japson Wong

A former marine biologist and researcher at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) in seaweed cultivation projects, Japson Wong Vun Hueng’s interest in arts have been limited. But that changed when he created his car using unwanted styrofoam and some red cloth for his wedding ceremony. Soon he was repurposing scrap for decoration and furnishing his first house.

In 2014, Japson gathered a team of engineers, photographers, and teachers and founded JF-Productions KK. The aim was to gather materials from construction sites, and factories and transform the collected junk into interesting, functional items for sale.

Soon, Japson’s creations are gracing public spaces such as shopping malls in Sabah, Sabah Art Gallery, and the acclaimed Sunda Pangolin sculpture made out of recycled polycarbonate advertising boards and used bottles at Sandakan airport.

Recently, with the support from National Art Gallery, Sabah Art Gallery, CENDANA, and Sabah Tourism Board, Japson crafted a 3D installation art using polycarbonate and fibreglass at SAG Art Space with the title Wonders of Wilderness – the ocean, WOW1.0. Wow1.0 is currently the biggest installation of its kind in Malaysia.

Jason is also actively involved in teaching others to upcycle items through his enterprise to spread awareness of the environmental agenda to the young generation. In 2020, the Tanjung Aru Marine Ecosystem (TAME) Center was built at Tanjung Aru with the involvement of 20 other NGOs highlighting five pillars: marine, wildlife, recycle/upcycle, green technology and heritage to educate the general public.

Making an impact in upcycle and conservation is very important for me. When it’s not impactful, the general public wouldn’t understand the seriousness of environmental issues. My creations are often in large-scale and requires the collaboration with other NGOs. The collaboration synergy makes everything even more impactful.

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